Gallery of Typographic Design

A huge thank you
* to all who contributed to this wonderful, and inspirational, gallery of typographic design! Each of the pieces contain credit for the designer, and if possible the typeface designer, and how to contact them. Please note that links contained here will take you away from What'sType?.

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*I would like to personally thank all of the contributors to this great gallery of typographic design! Special thanks to Betsy Kopshina of GarageFonts, Rodrigo Cavazos of Psy/Ops Type Foundry, Carlos Segura of [T-26], Paulo Roberto Purim of [carpentertype], Mr. Chank Diesel of ChankFonts, Petra Wietz and Johannes Holinger of FontShop International, and everyone else who responded to my email requests. I am still looking for inspiring typographic pieces that I can add to the Gallery. If you have something that you would like for me to consider for inclusion in the Gallery, please send me an email.

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